About Wendy Bache



Painting for me is truly a delicious passion, that I feel lucky enough to be able to practise everyday.  

I have been painting professionally for the past 8 years and I'm largely self taught.

I find my inspiration from nature, after all, what could be more dramatic than that.
Intuition guides me to choose colours and shapes that end up being joyful pieces of art.

I've travelled a lot overseas and Australia, which I think helps to keep my work fresh. Now though due to covid I've settled in Tannum Sands, Queensland, where I have a studio gallery.


I have won an art prize and also exhibited in Italy and various states in Australia.

The Art:

I often paint en plein air and the energy of the landscape imbeds itself into the work.

I use both oil and acrylic paint, not in the same painting though, mediums a plenty, I think I have a small addiction to using mediums, kind of like my addiction to hair products.

I love so much to chat about my work and the story behind it, though I love even more if you find your own story within a painting.

My art journey is ever changing and experimenting and exploring is so exciting to me, I so love to create something new and different.

My biggest desire is to bring more joy to the world through my work and seeing the joy on the faces of the people who finally get to hang one of my paintings on the wall, means everything to me.