About Wendy Bache




Painting for me is truly a delicious passion that Wendy feels lucky enough to be able to practise everyday.  

She has been painting professionally since 2013 and is self taught.

Wendy finds her inspiration from nature, after all, what could be more dramatic than that.

She loves to put colours next to each other which is why flowers are a dominant subject in her work. They are purely imaginative, though inspired by the boldness of nature. 
Intuition guides her to choose colours and shapes that end up being joyful pieces of art.

Wendy believes that travel is a great way to keep her art fresh and alive.



Wendy has won a couple of  art prizes and was selected to exhibited in Italy and various states in Australia.

The Art:

Using predominantly oil paint in a thick textured way, with many layers of colour allowing small bits of previous layers to poke through to the next

The work is semi abstract with a touch of naivety and fun about it.  Sprinkled with bees and butterflies here and there, all nature based.

Each painting has a story, sometimes it's about symbolism or just the general feeling that comes from the work.

Wendy's  biggest desire is to bring more joy to the world through her work and seeing the joy on the faces of the people who finally get to hang one of her paintings on the wall.